The mission


Educating to grow up is the cooperative’s mission: building a model where educational thinking is the base of all curricular and extracurricular activities.

Educating and teaching are two integrated and consequential processes. For this reason, educational thinking is the essential principle for all operating adult at Thomas More: teacher, Ata staff, animator, sports instructor or administrative assistant.


At the basis of the educational approach is the school-family relationship. The school is partner in the educational action carried out by families, with whom it works in a complementary and synergistic way. In this sense, the children become recipients of coherent educational proposals.

The Thomas More social cooperative promotes an educational thought that, by respecting children and young people, enhances their value as an individual. The goal is to offer students the opportunity to become the best version of themselves, cultivating their talents, enhancing their potential, and offering concrete help in difficulties; the cooperative wants to be an agent of change in building the relationship between families and educational structures, promoting their collaboration and sharing complementary roles.

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